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All about our cooked dishes

All about our cooked dishes

La Belle Chaurienne is often known for its excellent cassoulet but it is not so famous that she offers numerous other recipes to satisfy your culinary curiosity or simply your weakness for good food. 

Taste first our delicious duck confits. They are made with fattened ducks (those which were fattened for their livers). The meat is pre-cooked for a long time in hot fat (from duck necessarily), then placed in a tin and covered with fat with the result that, once the tin is closed, air cannot touch and so damage the meat. Then starts the long process of cooking. In the past and before fridge was invented, preserving meats was (with salting) one of the only ways to keep meats for several months to one year. It is possible to preserve several pieces of duck but legs are the best! And consumers seem to really appreciate the way we prepare our confit since they have awarded it 8 times!

We have also a large range of lentils-based cooked dishes. Probably originating from Central Asia, lentils are consumed since the dawn of time, as proved by fossils from 8000 years before our time. They are besides mentioned in the Bible : didn't Esaü exchange his law of primogeniture to his brother Jacob for a good lentils soup? It was the base of humble people food during the Graeco-Roman Antiquity. Later, is has conquered Northern Europe and India where it became really essential for most of the typical dishes. La Belle Chaurienne developed a special process for lentils preparation that makes them both firm and tender, what a challenge! You would find this texture nowhere else.

The list of our specialities is still large : try our coq au vin, poulet basquaise, authentic South-West recipes. Or, more original our sauerkraut with pork shank and Toulouse sausage for which our sauerkraut was sweetened with goose fat.


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