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La Belle Chaurienne : New products


1964 : Castelnaudary town officials wanted to promote their gastronomic heritage, Cassoulet. So they decided to help Michel Cauquil to create the Conserverie du Languedoc.
At first, the firm set up in the town centre and Michel Cauqil himself produced, sold and delivered the first tins of superior cassoulet in History.

1974 : Sales of Conserverie du Languedoc developed rapidly, thanks to partnerships with the first retailers and the company had to move.

1985 : Again and because of the rapid growth of sales, Conservrie du Languedoc had to move and establish in its actual building. At this time, it invested in a high-technology production unit, which still continues to give a competitive market advantage.

1991 : Michel Cauquil retired and sold his firm to EURALIM, which was interested in its profitability and leading position in the superior cassoulet market. Then, Conserverie du Languedoc was successively owned by Danone, Paribas and finally Turenne Lafayette since 2001.

1998 : Driven by its constant product quality and desire for customer satisfaction, Conserverie du Languedoc obtained the ISO 9001 certification (an international quality standard).

2004 : La Belle Chaurienne launches a range of individual microwavable traditional meals showing that tradtion and modernity are not antinomic. It is a real success because the first recipes are awarded Saveur de l'Année 2005 !

2005 : Conserverie du Languedoc is one of the first French firms to obtain the new international quality standard, IFS (International Food Standard), on a superior level.

2006 : Our duck confits are also awarded by consumers with Saveur de l'Année 2006.

2008 : Conserverie du Languedoc increases again its storage capacity to face its development of sales. Its surface is carried in 13,000m² covered. And a new victory makes us very proud : consumers recognized again our products as Saveur de l'Année and this time cassoulets and duck confits are awarded.

2009 : Once again we are awarded by consumers with 3 Saveurs de l'Année 2009 : duck confits, lentils based meals and game pâtés are awarded.

2010, 2011,2012, 2013 and2014 : Ourduck confitis againrecognizedSaveurs de l'Année.What a success!Proof of the regularityof its quality.




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