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La Belle Chaurienne : New products

Our quality policy

For au long time, La Belle Chaurienne has taken up a strict quality policy that pervades all departments :

  • ISO and IFS Food : after we obtained the ISO certification in 1998, we upgrade to the new international norm, more restrictive, IFS Food (International Featured Standards) at a superior level.
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) : we started a HACCP policy in 1993 which consists in identifying all the critical points during the production processes, preventing possible incidents and planning the corrective actions to react quickly if one of them happens.
  • Total traceability : we assure the total traceability on all our products from the raw materials and packaging reception.
  • Quality controls during production : each production is being controlled by checks and statements at the critical points : raw materials checking at reception, weight control of every ingredient, crimping quality control, sterilization control, ... and the numerous visual controls from the production operators during the production day.
  • Raw material quality : for our cassoulets, we use carefully selected materials. We don't need to hide their defects or to modify their taste using chemical foodstuff. We only select choiced cuts of meat (thighs, sleeves, knuckle, shoulder, ...) carefully dresses and our quantities are generous. Our suppliers are carefully selected and audited and must also provide a total traceability.
  • Empoyees'envolvment : our employees are part of the quality of our products. We intentionnaly kept manual operations which allow numerous visual controls of our products while handling ingredients and packaging. We have a slow turnover in our teams : the employees are skilled and perfectly know their job and our products. Finally, they have regular training : security, first-aid, ... and hygiene in particular. Each employees is wearing a white coat, a mobcarp, gloves and shoes thrown or cleaned each day and systematically running through an hygienne airlock where the employee is washing his hands and soles before entering the production area. The production area and all the ustensils are washed every evening.
  • Service quality : our quality policy is going beyond the only production. each department is entirely devoted for the customer satisfaction. Be ensured that you'll be delivered in time, with the exact references that you've ordered, with quantities and prices planned.

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