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Duck Cassoulet

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Duck Cassoulet

Number of portions :
1 portion

Total net weight : 300 g

Price per kg : 7,00 € TTC





A range of microwaveable dishes specially for pressed gourmets: 2 minutes to reheat them and take them everywhere for your lunch break ! Our recipes are cooked like at home and with FRENCH meat.

Ingredients :

Cooked sauce : water, tomato puree, salt, duck fat, garlic, pepper - Lingots beans - Precooked duck breast 23% : duck breast origin France, salt - Grilled Toulouse sausage 16% : meat and pork fat origin France, water, natural pork gut, salt, pepper. (% Expressed at the casing)

How to prepare :

In the microwave : break the seal with a fork and cook for 2 minutes at maximum power.
In a water bath : submerge the tray closed in simmering water for 8 minutes. Pass it under cold water before opening.

Nutritional values :

570 kJ (136 kcal)
Fat : 6.2g incl. saturated : 2.3 g.
Carbohydrates : 6.4 g of incl. sugars : 0.8g.
Proteins : 11.9 g.
Salt : 0.9g.

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