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Green Lentils from Berry with Toulouse sausages

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Green Lentils from Berry with Toulouse sausages

Number of portions :
1 portion

Total net weight : 420 g

Price per kg : 6,43 € TTC





Try our lentils with Toulouse sausages, essential dish of Southwest gastronomy. This recipe cooked with tender lentils of appellation "green lentils from Berry" and real Toulouse sausages "LABEL ROUGE" will satisfy you.

Ingredients :

Cooked sauce : water, duck fat, tomato puree, salt, garlic, pepper - Toulouse sausage "Label Rouge" grilled 27% : meat and pork fat, water, natural pork gut, salt, pepper - Green Lentils from Berry "Label Rouge" 19% - Carrots - Pearl Onions. Traces of GLUTEN. (% at conditioning) *Meat "Label Rouge" origin France.

How to prepare :

Simmer in a saucepan over low heat for 7 minutes, stirring regularly. Otherwise, reheat in microwave 3 minutes in an appropriate container.Conservation : before opening, store in a dry place and at room temperature. After opening, refrigerated and consume quickly.

Nutritional values :

For 100g :
781 kJ (187 kcal)
Fat : 11g incl.saturated : 3.3g / Carbohydrates : 11g incl. sugar : 0.3g / Proteins : 9.8g / Salt : 0.9g.

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