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La Belle Chaurienne : New products

Block of South Western duck foie gras with pieces

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Block of South Western duck foie gras with pieces

Number of portions :
7 - 8 tranches

Total net weight : 200 g

Price per kg : 38,25 € TTC





The foie gras La Belle Chaurienne are certified Protected Geographical Indication which means that the ducks are raised, fed and slaughtered in the Southwest. This is a real proof of quality!
This block of foie gras with pieces is suitable for making nice slices to present on toast as an aperitif.

Ingredients :

Duck foie gras, pieces of duck foie gras (30%), water, salt, preservative : nitrited salt, Pepper, sugar.

How to prepare :

Put in fridge and out of the fridge a quarter of an hour before tasting. To make beautiful slices, open the 2 easy-open lids and use the small lid to move the block outwards. Slice as depending on the thickness desired. Place your knife under hot water between each slice.

Nutritional values :

For 100g :
2110 kJ (511 kcal)
Fat : 52.4g incl.saturated : 21.1g / Carbohydrates : 0.85g incl. sugar : 0g / Proteins : 9g / Salt : 1.23g.

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